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Does anyone know to answer this question “what’s in men’s and women’s nipples that makes them go erect?”

Erection of breast … is the same as penile erection?? As far as I penile erection occurs because of the blood flow that fills a kind of sponge tissue called the corpus cavernosum penis is erectile tissue.

Erectile tissue is a kind of special network that will “swollen” and bigger, because of the blood flow into it and “trapped” in it that can not get out. Has erectile tissue of the arteries that can carry blood, a large space to fill the blood “trapped”, as well as the blocked vein to trap the blood in the room. In humans, there is erectile tissue of the penis, clitoris, and hidung.Selama intercourse, a woman’s body, especially the breasts enlarged 30%, and the nipples can grow to 6 millimeters. So, if the nipple also have erectile tissue as the penis and the clitoris?

The answer is “No”.

In the anatomy book says that “Underneath the nipple and areola, there are Bundles of smooth muscle fibers in the connective tissue, and also along the length of the milk ducts. These muscle fibers make the nipple become erect, in response to various stimuli “.

Breast Anatomy

Breast Anatomy


Nipples and areola reaction against stimuli

 Yes, under the nipple and areola are bundles of smooth muscle fibers in connective tissue, and also along the milk ducts. This muscle fibers that make nipple erections in response to various stimuli.

So nipple enlargement not due to erectile tissue, but because the smooth muscles.

Ooooo … so, to??

Hey, Rodney, I find out! It’s the answer!


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