Ethics ejaculation

The woman was very lucky in terms of orgasm, because they can get it without khawatir.Laki-man, on the other hand, knowing that at the end of an intimate relationship as well as clean up “the rest”. This means that you must have a planned ejaculation ethics, among others, which must be issued, in which parts should not be excluded, how to clean it, and how to throw it away. Largely depends on the taste likes and dislikes of the couple, so be sure to know its limits.
The following ejaculation ethic based on the location and situation. Also guidance on what should not be made absolute.

In “his”
If you have sex without a condom (which should be done with a woman who you believe will not transmit the disease to you), you may want to ejaculate inside. Make sure he allows it, and understand her menstrual cycle. This means that if you ejaculate, he would clean it. He likely will excuse me to the bathroom and cleaned himself. Any chance you trickled out of the liquid when she walked into the bathroom. In this case, you are responsible for cleaning.
Note: Do not tell him that you will not ejaculate inside, and then do well.

Note: Do not tell him that you will not ejaculate inside, and then do well.

In the condom
If you take precautions, the condom should be removed as soon as you ejaculate, to prevent the sperm flow out and wet the bed. Tie the ends so that no leakage and waste in the trash, not down the toilet or the floor.

Note: Do not ask him to remove his condom you use, it was your responsibility.

In the mouth
Ethics in oral sex ejaculation little complex. First, you must communicate what your spouse want to swallow or not. If he wants to, it’s easier for you when you ejaculate because he had to prepare for swallowing and prevent choking or change to a different stimulation methods, such as using his hands to complete. You do not need to say keras2, a simple word like “Time” is enough. Or a soft signal that indicates you want to “explode”.

Note: Do not hold his head sampai2 he had no choice but to swallow, or he will not do “blow job” again.

In the ass / breasts
Some men like to ejaculate on her breasts or buttocks of women, and some women think is sexy. Once again, this must be communicated from the beginning, because it is possible for a woman is detestable.

Note: Do not immediately wipe it away. Do not polish it with your hands and do not fall on the couple because the sperm will be smeared between the bodies.

In face
Ejaculation in the face of a partner is a fairly complex problem. Some women really do not like, but others are many who consider it repugnant, and some even consider it demeaning.
So it is important to ask permission before you “shoot” sperm around her face.

Note: Do not let the area around the eyes mate. Avoid around her hair, if possible.

Climax control
If you follow the ethics of ejaculation, you can prevent many routine activities after sex. You may also be a fun for couples, which means you have plenty of opportunities to practice ethical aturan2 another time.

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